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Nishit Shan
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1) Ring to pop up Number with out “r” spelling mistake – Done
2) When entering wrong number pop up says: – Your call forwarding number is incur…please change to: – The phone number you entered is not valid. Please check and try again. -Done
3) When entering right number message: – “ Now all calls.. to be changed to : “All incoming calls to (client’s number)will be forwarded to (number that client is about to input). When set then: – Done
4) Pop up message;- “ Your redirect request..” to be changed to: – “ Call forwarding has been successfully set” also in this message I can see the grey triangle in front of the message please change that icon to a juicy green tick icon. – Done
5) When removing Call Forwadring the message: -“Your deactivate request…” change to: -“ The call forwarding service has been deactivated” – Done

Please check how many numbers in our DB and how many available trough API it should match. – In process


1) Please put the iPhone icon back it looks better – Done
3) Pagination should be not on the top but under all tabs with proper design as on this image sample – Done
4) However on the top of all numbers it would be great to have a filter that can filter by numbers and by numbers Status. So please make it looking as a dropdown grey style as pagination sample adviced in clause 3) by default let “Ported Out” status be on the top unclicked. – Done
5) Please remove searching function from Mobile Version which is with red arrow. It does not looking good on mobile. – Done
6) On dropdown window Port Out validation sitting in the middle for some reason can you please align all the content inside of the drop down window. – In Process
7) Also please insert an other line right under Status info the line should contain the following: Account Number: 123232323 it is the same phone number but with “1” in front of the number. – In process

for #2416

I made the changes.