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for #2395 it looks better

if it is easy for developer to understand then we can do this way:
on the banking side site admin can list few banks which is done now – it is good
then when customer completes one’s order and chose banking option then customer will be able to pick the bank (that site admin listed at back end) and then completes his order by processing submit button and bank details will be emailed to the customer after submission. In this case we will need to have the following. Once bank transfer picked please put the following message under that window:
Please select the bank details for your payment. When selected the message should say: Great! You can now proceed with your order the selected bank details will be emailed to you for your payment. Once transferred, contact us back with the transaction ID and submission ID for your order activation.

(notification email should be as an invoice looking with selected bank details (that site admin set and customer picked)with amount to pay. Please note that plans is a monthly payments and numbers one time payments that’s for notification and Orders View page info.

Also please position a PRINT INVOICE button so customer could also print selected bank details.

1) Just checked the process and found that search for visitors still same can not input vanity number
2) The request processing very slow and not displays result at the search.
3) When Password generated the message: * For Password Minimum 6 Character Required ..should vanish
4) Bank Transfer functionality looks better I would put a bank default graphic at the right hand side from the form so it looks better.
5) Floating calculator – is it possible to make it also drag able with mouse as well as floating as it is now? On some screens it overlaps some content. Also I remember Andre asked to have the calculator white area to be 70% transparent so we can see what is at the back of it. And calculator corners curved