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Hello we have tested some of completed tasks please find some comments below;
Some of my comments will help you with your mobile view task.

1) Ring to pop up Number with out “r” spelling mistake
2) When entering wrong number pop up says: – Your call forwarding number is incur…please change to: – The phone number you entered is not valid. Please check and try again.
3) When entering right number message: – “ Now all calls.. to be changed to : “All incoming calls to (client’s number)will be forwarded to (number that client is about to input). When set then:
4) Pop up message;- “ Your redirect request..” to be changed to: – “ Call forwarding has been successfully set” also in this message I can see the grey triangle in front of the message please change that icon to a juicy green tick icon.
5) When removing Call Forwadring the message: -“Your deactivate request…” change to: -“ The call forwarding service has been deactivated”

Please check how many numbers in our DB and how many available trough API it should match.


1) Please put the iPhone icon back it looks better
2) Colour frames and numbers please change to juicy green!
3) Pagination should be not on the top but under all tabs with proper design as on this image sample
4) However on the top of all numbers it would be great to have a filter that can filter by numbers and by numbers Status. So please make it looking as a dropdown grey style as pagination sample adviced in clause 3) by default let “Ported Out” status be on the top unclicked.
5) Please remove searching function from Mobile Version which is with red arrow. It does not looking good on mobile.
6) On dropdown window Port Out validation sitting in the middle for some reason can you please align all the content inside of the drop down window.
7) Also please insert an other line right under Status info the line should contain the following: Account Number: 123232323 it is the same phone number but with “1” in front of the number.

So far so good thank you Nishit!

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