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hi for bank deposit it is easy, lets say your are site admin and you want customers to pay toyour bank how they going to do that?

Admin listed a bank in the bank setting page you done it is good and here is the bank details for example:

Account: 1231212
Bank Name: SBDSC Brunch, Finance
Bank Address: ABS Sydney,Down Time 23
Swift: 23424

Then when customer from front end pick the bank Name Sydney
the rest of the fields should deliver bank account, and etc so customers will get this information displaid and customer can trasnfer their money to this bank details or print this data for his record.

In your way the admin can put the bank details but customet clicks bank deposit selects the bank from drop down but no bank information dispayd so how customer knows which bank accoutn, address and the rest of the informtion for the payment transfer?

Did you get the point now?
Please let me know if you still confused.

also could you please advice when you going to finish the rest of the tasks?