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1) Frond End Search on home page still poor design and functionality also it does not search vanity numbers.
ans:- i think the design for the search box at home page was finished during the phase 1 & it was given from your side.

2) I requested 22 nmber and it dropped me to a page with no 22 results i had to play with the search to bring some numbers up and picked a number.
ans:- intially the funcationalities for it is different so you told me to make it like the “http://portal.voip.us/numbers” so now its working like this.

3) aftre plan as we mentioned it should have no plan selection by default so customer should pick the plan himself.
ans:- done.

4) then i fill out the form for new customer and again there should be a password generator to reduce a hassle for password setting.
ans:- done.

5) i have picked a bank transfer and the form dropped down. Then here are some things that i think should be changed.
The bank selection shoud dropp of these bank details that are set by the site admin and not putting then in the fields.
Otherwise how the customer will find our the bank details for money transfer.
I like bank selection it is good idea so site admin may list 2 or more banks for trasnfer.

ans:- the list which is in dropdown, its already came from the backend-side which is entered by admin. if i dont got your point then can you take screenshots with details & tell me where it is need to check??

6) the amount should be same as on calculator so customer already picked and to be paid.
ans:- done.