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for # 2359 the orders page tabs look better but when expand still old not as we show on the video,
Where tabs i think you should find some space where site admin can see qty of the phone numbers inside of the order (as on Andre’s video)

also i can see it can be filtered by orders, by customer .. which is good but it should have kind of arrows next to that so ppl can understand that they can filter it by item ID also if the list filtered by order the order’s arrow should indicate that current view by orders and so on.

When click on + icon and order expended still nothing changed again and we can see excellent numbers replica i do not know Krunal how many times to text but we send you video you see how it looks on intelligent orders page when all the orders numbers listed down and services against each number and so on.

We haven’t cheeked the site as we still can see nothing working starting from search home page so no point to check at this stage:(

As per your error thanks for letting us know more details Jeff is busy today but we processing your problem and get back to you soon. Please do not wait the resolution please finish the rest of the tasks View orders page, home search, Vanity etc so when we find resolution for your issue from #2358 you just finish that.

By the way Bank deposit still not working 🙁

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