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Hi team what’s the update same Orders View page no change

for #2339 – Andre please help developer with this put Jeff to help ’em if you can not, isn’t mentioned in API docs? If it is then does any one checks if developer actually work with API Guide Docs? Developer do you?

for #2345 – if you got all the screens and videos then please tell me why the latest video sent to you is still not on Orders View page. Peaple helping you with no results? You can do “smal and big things but if the job not done what’s the point of your time wasting? Sorry we do not pay for that we do pay for results.

for #2345 – The week is half gone and i can not see any changes again unfortunately, Andre please check with Jeff if the developer not working with API guide. When he does all work aftre your developers he founds all answers in APi documentation and does the work, why assign developer can not?

Please assist developer with his query keep all records tracked in here if no changes by the end of the week please put our team on this job to finish this off. No refund for the developer’s first pay please focus on job finishing with the left over sum with a backup specialist.