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Krunal sorry but you are developer and this is why we hired you to do the job, it is very hard to communicate with you, people asking you questions and we sending you videos and so much time spending on this project like if we do it ourselves. We asked you about the search if your use the search we asked you not replying to it, we sent you video and View Orders page is still not as we expected so much time spent you have API documentations and we keep texting you twice a day but we got so much other jobs to do. Other developers take the job and we forget about that and only can see the report completion. So we think this job a bit hard for you.

You saying that almost done but it is not. We already tired to repeat same things hundred of times Search home page still poor and not functioning, vanity numbers not searching, no design, if you see the search allows to pick multiple numbers but you do not know how to implement it. … etc etc etc