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hello for #2339

I can see a lot of testsing going on but all of them failed. Thus I have some questions about your purchasing functionality.

Firstly – did you use the search that we asked you to use?
Secondly – it is important to remind that the number once found has only 30 minutes to be purchased then the number goes available for other buyers and then if purchased by someone else the number purchase goes failed as it has been purchased outside of our company.

If you use the search we asked you to use then it has got a hybrid searching features some number fetched life and some from DB. Once the life searched added to cart it has to be reserved for 30 mins for further purchasing within 30 mins. So if found number not purchased within 30 mins the API request should be renewed again.

For all the DB stored numbers every time when you adding them to the cart there should be sort of API request to either Intelligent or Peerless to check this # availability to proceed.

Please check all these above while ordering and let us know if any questions on that.
Also please let us know if any of the above mentioned functionalities do not work as expected (with the search we recommended) or it has to be tuned properly for your Orders Generation job so we can determine this for additional work scope.