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Hello for #2317
thanks for changing notification

Telinta Pass Task we could see looks okay but not tested yet to not interrupt the API connection.

as per cahnges we found a little error for call forwarding, we used the number and then tried to change the numbrer (Account ID) and then tried to remove call forwarding and we met the following errors:

1) when removed call forwarding number (for changed Account ID) clicked save it was loading a few sec then pop up message come up saying somth like “Soap request failed…Your deactivation was unsuccessful” then we clicked OK and surprisingly the call forwarding number was removed as it is working!

message said unsuccessful but why the call forwarding number has been vanished? – please fix it.

So the number removed but Pop said unsuccessful – when we checked this number on Telinta it has not been removed as well.

Also please make sure that error text that comes in such popup can not be seen in popups for our customers so please remove all text that starts from ” Soap request failed…” up to “Your deactivation…”

Soap request failed… only Your deactivation …must show.

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