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Hi Nishit we do not mind you taking a rest it is normal but after a week passed as we testing it all nothing 100% completed.

1) the pin not being detailed you may did it before but upon checking it today we found it is not working.
2) call forwarding (maximum 2 hours work) but you still can not put correct text messages on popups but reporting completion second time. It looks like you russing with something at your back but missing very obvious points just correct text can not be put.
3) Profile settings – again you “done the job” as you would like to get rid of it when you in hurry.It looks very ugly yes you combined two pages but look at that combined page we can feel your approach even being miles away.It is like you ask your helper to broom the room but your helper would broom the room and dump all the rubbish in the middle of a carpet. We can feel your work when you put your effort into it and we always can see result out of it.

We never ask you on your day off if we can see bunch of work done for a week.
If you can not do it for the time frame set it is not about the job complexity but about your skills and experience.

Somone can do the job for 2 hours but you only can do for 8 hours as you say so it does not make the 2 hours job cost 8 hours. We giving you the job just to stick to our promises and policy. Once hired and done work for us we always ask you first for the job even though we’ve got numbers of candidates who keen to do the job for more better budget and timeframe.

We would like you to understand that we prioritize our developers first before putting others on same task. However it is not nessecerely we should waste our time and money for unnecessary waiting and fruitless negotiations.

You can always negotiate with price ONLY if your do great work and we just so excited of the results so we would never loose you.It happens sometime when we ask developers to do the work and they deliver a miracle so we encouraged to pay more as our budget (time) not in waiste.

In this case after one week we have nothing 100% completed and lost somuch time and funds.
Please think if you are confident to continiew and if you are not it is better to say now as we can not loose a single day.

Do you think im happy sitting and texting with you on my Sunday holiday? just think about that.
awaiting for results from you