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hello team im reading your correspondence and checking the job that has been done and just can not belive my eyes what im reading and seeing..

okay all the points one by one below:

1. for #2258 the task has not been done the pop up message is wrong im very disappointed that we spending so much time and resources for explaining same think for many times and for entire week.

2. i agree we have budgeted this task including the refreshment on that section, in terms of refreshment there is nothing i can see so far.

3. for #2273 – this is an epic one… firstly dear developer as i have already mentioned to you the job we put you on has set on 30th of June so today now 5th of July = it is 4 working days by now = 36 working hours it is a fortune of money for us and now you decided to text us back and saying : ” if you are fine with it then i can resume and proceed further with the tasks” look firstly i can not see any enthusiasm in your message secondly we have already increased you a budget so you should appreciate that, thirdly as i can see already mentioned above we’ve got numbers of people just desperate for work and do this job for us at the lightening speed but im listening to my colleagues and hiring staff that’s been worked for for us before as a priority matter. Fourthly you sending us your Estimate where you saying Call Forwarding 8 hrs, Pop Ups 8 hrs BUT in facte already spent 36 hours and job still has not been done….im very sorry for being straight forward – are you kidding me here????

Look if you are happy there with what you’ve got them please let us known we immediately put an other developer who may got more skills and desire to have a work to do this job for us with no question asked.

Sorry guys i just can not read it. I can see that Andrey sent you a message after and you not even taking responsibility replying to that which again cause us time and money in our decision making.

Andrey i will leave it to you for now im just losing my tension on that but one thing i would like to state here to make it very clear:

1) Andrey please get the developer to fix 1,2 jobs errors that already spent 36 hours on and if the situation wont improve please get a resolution on this above till monday evening otherwise please pick any developer from the pool who’s waiting a job for months and even years and put them on to do the work.

2) If our dear developer not happy with any thing, we are very sorry about that but please let him go and never hire again. I do not want to spend money for nothing.

Will check again on that in 24 hours and awaiting for your resolutions.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by admina.