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Hi Nishit for your # 2270 – Thank You we will check
for your # 2273 – it is a very long time appreciate your work and we believe your time estimated time based on your skills and experience which is also understandable.

Now you 19 days ends on 30th of July till then we have got two more works scheduled before that day. Also it is very expensive for us to keep other specialists for that long time in this case we can allow you to take this time only if:

1) your will be going trough all this work independently and report each the work completion regularly.
2) We unable to pay you more that the budget already set for that long time.
3) if we face any interruption on the site during-that time you will have to assist us in resolving the issue if it caused by you code or file uploads.
4) The time and budget set for the job based on an other developers offers however we prioritize the developers who are already worked with us and only put an other candidate if the nominated developer failed with the job task requirements.

Please reply to this if you happy with that.
Thank you