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Nishit Shan
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I am not able to post this on Portal so i am sending you a mail.

As you mentioned to finish all the tasks by Next Wednesday.
It is not possible to finish them in that much timeline provided.

The tasks are to be done on both Web and mobile.
In the mobile part i have not worked before so i need am not familiar with the source code in mobile part and i need to search and find the exact code parts in it. This also consumes time in overall completion of the task.

According to me all the tasks will take around 19 days to be completed.
So if you are fine with it then i can resume and proceed further with the tasks?

Also the budget for the most of the tasks is quite low considering the amount of time and effort needed with in the tasks. Still we did not mentioned about the budget issue for all the tasks but only some of them which had too much low budget.

I see that you have increased the budget for the tasks but it is less considering the amount of effort required. So we request you to once again reconsider the budget.

Here is the time estimated by me for the given tasks.

Task Estimated Time
Call Forwarding 8 hrs
Pop Ups 8 hrs
PIN Pop Ups 8 hrs
Profile Settings 8 hrs
My Numbers Page – Mobile Site 16 hrs
EN Mobile Look 64 hrs
Vanity Numbers 16 hrs
EN API Updates 8 hrs
Telinta EN Pass Set 10 hrs
EN Groups 8 hrs
Total 154 Hrs
Days 19 Working Days