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Hello thanks for the update today we have checked the site from mobile device… OMG the worsted picture i haven’t seen it is okay i know there was no report completion on that hope you will tweak it later.

for your #2256

1) testing 0001 (1): done – since we decided to change the search for the one we recommended to you there was no need to do it now as that search needs to be replaced please Krunal read our messages 🙂 we discussed here

2) testing 0001 (3): done.Here should be an inlarger that allows site visitors to click on A and choose the font size they comfort to read. Althouh i could see that you have a bit improved design for the floating calculator….honestly something is still missing there looks a bit choppy maybe we ask somone to give you a mock up draft to replicate.

for pricing details we can see that now prices can be changed by the site admin it looks okay on deck top – from mobile ….OMG read my message again:((( What about text of the plans we still can not change it from Voip admin

There was no testing today.
Looking forward to hear from you when we can so we will try to put trough an order again. Going very slow with it you may have some more files to upload?..So we need to finish it to continiew with other works