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Hello reply to #2242

For: testing 0001 (6):-
for your queries you can find the TRUNK GROUP in intelligent orders page when customer sends any requests regarding the order it has to have an TRUNK GROUP data in it – if is hard for you to do please leave this task for now and continue with the project as we going behind with it and need to get that finished ASAP.

Account details synchronize the data which is being collected while creating an account or existing accounts.
Billing Information is the methods used during the payment , amount, card detiails or paypal email, data of payment, payment details – if plan then monthly if number then one time and etc.

As per your:
At back-end side a design of expand row of “view order” table & at front side for “Float box” is in working mode so i will update it tomorrow.

View order is not completed as it missing a lot of information as mentioned in the job and above.
Floating Calculator reqires improvement as mentioned earlier

Please let us know at what stage are you now and when are you going to finish the job?

will let other developer know about HomeController.php please leave it untouched till further notice