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As per budget the answer is YES we can increase the budget for SOME tasks BUT before that as we can see the job been listed on 30th of June and today is 2nd of July – so can your please report what has been done for two days? Please note that for two days we already spend a lot just to keep you on the Job and assigned to the project what have you done for the same time please answer?
Please read here for more info – https://webmaklay.com/faq-items/budget-for-a-job/

So please deliver the results and we will deliver too.

Now for your queries:

Queries :- Answers Below

Popup :-
1 – Lets say you got the number 123 and would like to forward it to 555 but on Telinta your 123 number it has been changed / suspended then you can not forward it to 555 and pop up should notify.

My Numbers Page – Mobile Site:
5. – We have shown you the screen shot samples how it looks on mobile and send you a link sample to an other site the minimum information and then arrow to expand same as on screen shot numbers with flag icon, status activation date…

Dial Up – Mobile Site
6 – Okay please leave it for now and we will decide later
Vanity Numbers

8. – We can list vanity numbers now by creating a number for example (222) 324 – HOME but when customer sends requests to Telinta for call forwarding and other API requests please ensure that the HOME vanity number is recognizable by Telinta , easy hey..

EN API Updates
9. -The API library located on the other domain of ours excellentnumbers.net we will create access to there and you will see it at your office page.

Telinta EN Pass Set – Done! Please find translated version on the production page – https://webmaklay.com/en-mobile-web/

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