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Nishit Shan
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We have gone through all the tasks mentioned in the “EN Mobile Web”.
Most of the tasks are fine , in some of the points we have queries but for all the tasks the budget defined is less compared to the efforts required.

Please consider recalculating the budget for the tasks.
The tasks require double efforts as they are needed to be done in both mobile and web.

Below is the approx time estimates for the tasks –

Tasks Time Estimated Given Budget
Dial Up – Mobile Site This task requires investigation $60 NZD.
EN Mobile Look 64 Hrs $90 NZD. (Note :- All the pages are needed to be changed in style and html . There are around 10-12 pages)
PIN Pop Ups 12 Hrs $35 NZD (Note :- [ Also needed to be done in mobile & Web])

Queries :-

Popup :-
1. When customer inputs ones call forwarding number from an account (account phone number ####) that’s been already changed removed or suspended. -> Please Explain how should (changed removed or suspended) work. From where we will get this information to check ?

My Numbers Page – Mobile Site:
5. On click a number raw should expand and contain all mobile phone information as it is on deck top. -> which information should be shown. Please provide screen shot and details

Dial Up – Mobile Site
6. My Numbers Page – This task is only for mobile version of the site please. Please implement a dial up feature next to each purchased phone number. Allow to make a call for the customer from any phone number purchased. -> This task requires investigation and cannot be assumed to be finished. As this task will be complicated as it needs to make calls from the site itself and not the mobile phone.

Vanity Numbers
8. My Numbers Page both sites – please moderate a vanity numbers signature acceptance. Allow to the site admin to list vanity numbers with their letters characteristics -> Where do you want to list vanity numbers ?

EN API Updates
9. Please upgrade our API library currently it has set that by default our API users unable to view million numbers but we can not regulate that API permissions. -> From where i can access the API of the Site.

Telinta EN Pass Set
Note :- Please Change the instruction for this task