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Hello guys, today run an other check and found no functionalities completed. Also the errors marked as fixed and what is still not:

Test 0001 fixed – still reminding that we can not find font enlarger for instance, we still can not change text content, price for plans etc, TRUMP GROUP …

Test 0002, Fixed View Order Page we hope you are not missing the task here, I can see you have put an Activation Details text but it is not an activation details actually, there is customer details there, please refer to the job we asked to pack max information in to limited space, that means that customer details should be expandable information, payment details should be expandable information same as Order Details etc… this is why Andrey suppose to show you one of our developer work how to fit maximum information in to limited area, expandable content tabbed content etc.

The order details should have sort of drop downs options as the order status can be different as mentioned in the job there can be processing can be refunded and so on all these statuses must be regulated from admin site.

It is understandable that you still doing it all so just a kindly reminder above what we expect. Also we noted that your put a plus icon instead of eye icon it is looking better now but please ensure that once the order has been extended there should be bunch of information within this order so there may be some more space arrangements to develop please refer to this page for more ideas about how to… http://portal.voip.us/home

Test # 0003
Started from visitor – home page search is still poor design no vanity selection and could not enjoy that part at all, found the number and then tried to remove it (lets say I change my mind and would like to buy the other #) but i could not remove the number from the cart for some reason it just does not work neither red cross icon nor remove btn

Refreshed the page the selection seemed to be removed then picked the number proceed with plan ( floating calculator location ok, calculation functionality ok but its frame and design is crap looks very poor and unprofessional.
Added a new user, account registration fields are a bit messy needs to be positioned properly and if any missed filed it should indicate the filed missed so visitor can see.

Then Picked the plan and proceed with checkout then source code popped up at the end so could not test again.

I have tried to do same by adding a number to an existing user from admin part, picked a bank deposit but it redirects to a PayPal please remember the job we will need various getaways for checkout not only PayPal there should be bank details entry for the admin so we can input the bank details for a customer to checkout process. Could not finalize my order.