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Testing # 0002

hello guys just checked orders page please find some comments about that. I think it is a very raw draft in terms of information display.

1) Please change eye icon for “+” when wrapped content and when expended “-”
2) Where come Billing Details? Where Activation Details? where all this come from, i do not think this information is on intelegent ordering system the Voipwill capture & display similar info as on inteligent is that mentioned in the Job Page?
3) what if the customer purchase 100 numbers where they all going to be displaid in the order details? Please manage the space properly.
4) then i can see number # cost $5 what about the rest of information? for example Number# 1 prices $$$ then next line Plan Chosen Cost $$$, number payment one time payment , plan monthly, then Tax and all this kind of stuff can not be found, then sub total, Grant total, just like all the other orders on every websites ….all these above missing. If these all above in progress then ok.
5) we can not find order # is it a order ID?… where is the order status information, Order recived, pending, completed and etc we can not find it….

6) today we tried to order 2 more numbers but search does not work at all so we could not do a checkout— i think the search is wrong please again use the search located on the page numbers as we continuously improving the search located on the page numbers http://portal.voip.us/numbers so please use that search functionality but design can be improved.

so overall if all above in process then it is ok.