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Testing 0001
Hello team we can observe some new files finally loading on which is good sign. It’s been also noted that we are still a bit away from the completion point unfortunately but will wait for your completion report to go trough detail check.

Before that please find some of our comments below regarding some changes we can see so far. Again we understand that it is not a reporting completion stage and some of our commented points below are already in progress but just remind you here what we can see now and what has to be adjusted.

1. When we tried to add an order the number selection does not have states column can you please ensure that the states column is functional in number’s search table. We’ve got good working search on the page portal.voip.us/numbers so you can use its functionality.

2. We also selected two numbers then plan but one of them available and one out of stock. The system shows the message for the out of stock number but when we remove it must be removed from both searching table and Voip DB. There also should be a nicely looking popup saying that “ We are sorry the requested number “####” is no longer available please try an other one”. You have done a pop up now but it looks very poor and has got multiple grammar mistakes.Please try to improve it by playing with different styles numbers should be bigger or bold text a bit larger or something….

3. We thought maybe it will be good idea to set up a font enlarger across the site for some members with poor vision please advice.Currently we struggle to see the numbers they are so tiny:(

4. we tried add an order from admin in here please ensure that site admin can change the price, text content for all the steps in case if entry was wrong.I think it is goot to have an EDIT feature to edit all of the setps when necessary for admin site.

5. Then we added a number and proceed with PayPal Checkout sandbox then added a cart it was started processing payment but then it looks like returned back to the Voip Project page and displaid error, we guessing the return page error please check this.

6. When we order number directly from Intelligent it always records TRUMP GROUP parameter but when order comes from Voip Project Api for some reason we can not indicate a TRUMP GROUP could you please check that the TRUMP GROUP parameter is added. Please refer to API doc guide if require more information.Please note the number is not functional without TRUMP GROUP selection.

7. We tried to search a number as a not registered visitor and in purpose decided to search for number that is already purchased. For some reason the search finding the number which is purchase then we ticked this number and clicked NEXT then entire page went frozen and was only loading anime showing up for ages:( Can you please check it.

when you fixed the points please use the referral for reports so we wont get confused.For example if you fixed somthing then indicate the testing # that i set up at the top of this message and then error #

testing 0001 (5) fixed – for instance
then when we run an other test we wont get confused with all the numbers that we see and will know what is all about.