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Functionalities for “Orders Management” at both sides front-end and back-end side are in working mod…. sorry Krunal can not see working mode there as you put Intelligent orders there which is not we want and as it suppose to be the Voip ordering system not Inteligent, I have already told you before but you said that the job has not been done and we hoping that you just testing table or something…

At Front-side searching for numbers and then after make selection of this numbers is work fine.. again I do not think it is working fine as the search is currently dead very poor functionality and design but again you said that the job has not been done yet so we patiently waiting but we can not see any changes on the site for about 3 days now:(

At Back-end side you can check this url, “http://portal.voip.us/admin/addorder” – the link is dead can not see anything there. Yes I can see existing customers it is old work that we asked you to do. Add new order dos not changed for 3 days page looks same like a contact form, it has to be adding orders manually we pick the customers assigne a number for that customer plan etc and order suppose to be generated and both customer and site admin gets notification emails….

I have just found the link you may mean this link https://portal.voip.us/admin/addorder but we have seen this page next day you put it about 4-5 days ago nothing changed to that and I have already motioned about this page looks like contact form. There is no adding new order functionalities there.

1) If we add client will that be synchronised with Telinta?
2) How do we assign the number or numbers to this client from our inventory?

sorry but we can not see main attributes of the adding order page…..

currently there is notning works Krunal after one week passed. Maybe you work on remote machine and the upload all staff then it is ok and then we are looking forward to to see your work now

otherwise if you think the work is in ‘working state’ and all functioning good then I have a question- do you still understand the task? Do you know what we want from you. If it is not to late and we wont spend a lot of money please confirm your confidence or we always got a developer who can do the job

please advice
getting worried now 🙁

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