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thanks have seen some of your drafts i know that it is in process but reminding you that a visitor must pick a plan before going to checkout. All selected numbers (according to pre-set numbers prices rule) and plan’s (telinta synchronized) cost must be calculated at the checkout.
ans:- yes, plans and cost will be there !!

Please also do not forget that we would like to see the calculator floating box for our customers so they can preview their picking before checkout, i have created a snapshot for you to have a look but it is looking very ugly 🙂 just for you to get the point.
ans:- ok i will put it there.

Aslo as i can see you copied the search design from our developer we are hoping that you will make it looking more attractive so it is not look plan basic and boring 🙁
ans:- do not focus right now on design, first functionalities and then design.

The front search absolutely dead no any features on that neither anime mouse over effects no selections vanity, toll free etc i hope it is all in process just click here and see how other developers do the same work
ans:- intially for search functionaliy, there were two tab “local” and “tollfree”, but you told me to removed it, and design which is right now chosed by you.

anyway we still think that it is up in plans and we will see the result soon,please let me know if you have any question on anything.
:- not now, thanks