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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

This is the update for the issues,

1.) Customer can change/remove the pin code even if though we untick the eligibility box. Please see attached: – Done

2.) when customer is removing his pin and the pop up window is confirming that the pin has been removed, it is still view-able on account. You must to reload the page to see it’s removed. Please fix it. – Done.

3.) If there is no pin set or has been removed and customer clicks on “remove pin” , it should notify the customer that there is no pin set. – Done.

4.) When the pin code is removed from admin panel then customer see “0” in the box. Also, when customer remove his pin from desktop, then he will se “0” in the mobile version. Please fix ASAP – Done

5.) Mobile version showing incorrect pin box size. The size should be the same as on desktop as wel as the button should look smaller please make it looking professional. – Done

6.) For some reason, mobile version has the same errors we had before(which you fixed before.) such as the pop up window has not correct text etc – Done


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