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Hi Nishit we can see you fixing the above issues just would like to remind you please stick to the job carefully as we can see some issues are in place:

#3. You have been fixing clause #3 but pin 4th digit is slightly missing in the Pin Code filed please see screen same happens when we put 8888 for example not all 4 digits are fit in the window:
and if you see the Pin Code and buttons are a bit not aligned horizontally please make them all looking even (same size, same gaps)

– we also would like to thank you for this! When we see this job quality it makes us feel really happy that
developer puts his best effort:) https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2nit.jpg Thank You!

– Notification please be accurate: In the task it says that when customer removes one’s Pin Code there should be a
warning message “Not Recommended” but when client changes/updates Pin Code there should not be
“Not Recommended” warnings.

So “Not Recommended” only when removing Pin Code when changing just “Yes”

– When we remove Pin Code and after pop up the pin remains in the field for some reason and it requires a page
reload to see that the Pin Field, but before after your first work the pin filed was removed right away. Can
you please check this.

– Can we please adjust the text for the pin change to this : “The pin code
has just been changed
” to “The pin code has been successfully changed

I think it is all that we could find please do not forget to fix clause #5 from my previous message. Just provide you more clarification of clause #5 message # 2005 – we can see there is a tick box in customer’s settings to restrict Pin Code change but even though if we restrict each particular client to change the pin (from customer settings) the Pin Code changing features are still available on the site. We think it is because the group Pin Code permission overriding customers’ restrictions.

– One more thing for notification we still can see that the Notification Message in email still says this text:
This is to inform you that the pin code has been changed/removed for… but please let the text show changed for those when Pin Code changed and when removed in should say Removed. Currently there is a confusion when message says both changed/removed probably you need to make a duplicate notification message one for removed and the other for changed.

Thank You