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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates we have checked and functionality works very well thank you for that but as we keep checking we finding some small issues across the tasks, could you please adjust these below:

1. in the pop up window it does not show whcih pin number is going to be changed to customer should see new PIN. When we edit the task for you we set up the text form you but probably we should also indicate a PIN as XXXX so you could understand that PIN # should be displayed sorry for this confusion if it is our fault.

Also could you please make he popup widow displayed somewhere in the middle of the browser not at the very top?

2.Incorrect text: “Pin Code” not Pin Number
The text is also incorrect please see the task we repeating for your below:

——————–TASK DETAILS————————-
d.) Implement the ability for Customer to remove the pin.
When customer choose to remove the pin, the pop up window should alert:
“Are you sure you would like to remove the pin code?”
Yes (NOT recommended)
No, cancel my request.

If customer chose “yes” then once it is completed, the confirmation alert should pops up again saying that “The pin code has been successfully removed”.
If something wrong on Telinta’s side, then the alert window should pops up: “We could not complete your request at this time, please try again later or contact our support team”.

——————–TASK DETAILS ENDS—————————-

3) buttons are now all good looking and positioned correct just please make them a bit smaller same size as the Pin Code field and closer to each other. As per Pin Code field please see that the field a bit wider than numbers can you please trim the field at its right so it is just enough for 4 digests Pin Code?


4) When client removes Pin then site admin sees “0” for some reason, same thing happens at the client’s portal can you please check?


5) When customer group restricted to change Pin Code but if i logged in to any customer from that particular restricted group i can see that customers from that group can change the Pin which is incorrect (as customer belongs to the group which has Pin Code change restrictions).

If you read our task clause “G” we asked you to make same settings to the Customer Settings so we could control Pin Change restrictions for each customer individually.

For example if customer is in the group with Pin Code change restrictions but in the Customer Settings is marked that customer can change the Pin Code the custom should be able to change the Pin Code currently it is not working:(

Thank you