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We found some more errors:
When we picked 2 numbers from different vendors ending in 0000, I knew that these numbers have just been taken by other customers (not ours) and our local database still shows them as available which is also fine since I believe 4-6 hours has not been passed, but when we added them to the cart, our system checked them and showed as those both numbers are available for purchase and added them to the cart with “available” sign.

So it means that the system doing the final check before purchasing from our local database and not via API from vendors pool which is incorrect. Then we clicked on the “purchase” button and nothing happened again. We waited around 15-20 seconds and retried the purchase. The purchase results showed that those numbers are no longer available for purchasing.

Also, we have bought 323-238-0000 directly from the peerless pool using their portal and after that we tried to purchase this number from our website via admin panel to see how our system works and once I added this number to the cart it showed me that it is not available(which is good) but the system hasn’t deleted it from our local database which is not correct.

so need these to be fixed please