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Mark Hanson
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Voip Server Recommendations

Hi all as requested the system works have been now completed and cPannel pass has been changed.
Due to business email latest transfer the cPannel access is now restricted and available for the voip super admin only.
(please find updated cPannel pass at the web office)

The server requires some love so please proceed the basics while project development.

1. As your emails will be loading in please remember it affect your server disc capacity try to clean in periodically.
2. Run full backup every week manually (to not overload your system SSD)
3. Run full project back up every time after developer’s(Currently Grant) update (files uploads) to secure data.
4. Download full back up to your local machine every time you do clause 3.(keep multiple copies) Please note project restoration cost fortune IF it is possible.
5. Please do not click any button if you are not sure and keep your pass safe at all the times.

Thank you