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You had provided the video showing the issue while ordering numbers from the admin dashboard page.
The issue is fixed and now the functionality is working fine.

Please check the screen shots with steps of a successful order placed.

Step 1- Here i have added one number each from both the vendors. Both the numbers status is available to be purchased.

Screen shot link -https://i.ibb.co/Vpfz8nc/Order-Step-1.png

Step 2- In this screen shot you can see that both the numbers were successfully purchased and also the result is displayed.

Screen shot link – https://i.ibb.co/b6Hrvnv/Order-Step-2.png

Step 3- In this screen shot you can see that both the numbers purchased are visible correctly under the respective boxes of the vendors.

Screen shot link -https://i.ibb.co/rfCN1TC/Order-Step-3.png

Step 4- You can also see the link ‘>>>>>>’ in the vendors boxes , clicking on this will display all the purchased numbers from both the vendors.

Screen shot link –


I have already provided all the screen shots of the functionalities and all the functionalities are now working properly. Please check everything and let me know if you still find any issues as soon as possible, so that i can get them fixed.


once again i had tested the update scron-script for the inteliquent and peerless api.now its working fine.

For peerless: it require 6 hours duration to fetch maximum datas from the api that’s why i have set minimum 6 hours value in drop-down of “Api Settings”.now this api fetched more data (99941 within 6 hour) compare to previously you complained me.
some time peerless api dosent give records so can’t store.when peerless api goes into the “excceds limit” then it will reset after 40 minutes.

for inteliquent : it working fine.it fetched the data about (86410 within 2 hours).

Notifications are working fine now you got all types of notifications like database error, numbers avail and new order.check the below screen shot link:-
1) https://i.ibb.co/kg97PZy/order.png
2) https://i.ibb.co/z26MMwX/error.png
3) https://i.ibb.co/7JJZPvG/number-avail.png

Thank you