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Hybrid system

Regarding the hybrid system.
We have a single table in which we store all the vanity and peerless vanity numbers together. So that when we search the numbers in the front side or in the admin dashboard page we can easily search for numbers from both vendors together.
We have settings in the vendors page where we can set the duration of cron scripts for both the vendors.
Since we have 2 seperate settings for duration for both vendors, we have 2 different scripts that will fetch latest data within the defined duration and will store in a single table.
The data will be renewed in the table when the script ends.

For the intelligent script – Please check the screenshot provided (https://i.ibb.co/LrFf2Zp/Inteligent-count.png). First we collect the total number of numbers avaiable for all the provided masks. Then we fetch the data for each mask one by one. I hope this clears you queries regarding the masks. You can check the available counts for all the masks.

For the Peerless script – In the Peerless script there are around 4000 combinations of state, lata & rate-center. The total number of vanity records available for all the combinations is around 3 million. I will provide you the link to download the excel sheet (http://portal.voip.us/upd_peerless_number_status.xls) with the vanity combinations. Now it fetches the data for each combination one by one.

Explanations of how update cron-script are working for inteliquent & peerless as below;

1) Inteliquent API:
-> cron-script for this script is working fine.
-> it is getting 5000 records per request.It is working in loop of masks provided what we had discussed in message #1138.
-> you can check in below screen shots the actual count of vanity numbers for all the masks in inteliquent and total counts which is fetched by scripts.It is able to fetch all the vanity data within 2 hours duration. check screen shot.

2) Peerless API:
The peerless API is not able to get all the data from the API. Also it will need a lot more time then the Intelligent duration.

-> it is getting 200 records per request. it is 25 times slower then the inteliquent api per request because we can get 5000 intelligent records per API. So it will get 25 times slower data compare to the intliquent api.

-> it is working in the combinations of state,lata & ratecenter.
-> you can check the below screen shot link. It shows all the cases that happens while fetching peerless data.

a) some time it will get all data of these combinations(see red color box)
b) some time it will not get all the data (see green color box)
c) some time it will get nothing (no box which has total_count is zero).

So when you search for the peerless data , you are not able to find all the data. The reason is because of the settings and behaviour of Peerless API. Even when we request for fetching the peerless data it sometimes does not provide the data at all and some times incomplete data.
Another main reason is limited number of records fetched per request i.e., 200.

-> total count of vanity numbers for peerless is as below

-> i am using following request for peerless to fetched the data for each (state, lata, rate-center) combination. Please check it and let us know if anything can be done to improve it.

For example:->
‘quantity’ => 200,
‘consecutive’ => 1,
‘states’ => [
‘state’ => ‘AL’,
‘latas’ =>[
‘lata’ => ‘476’,
‘rateCenters’ =>[
‘rateCenter’ => ‘BESSEMER’,
‘categories’ => [
‘category’ => [2],
‘tnCount’ => ”,
‘vanityDigits’ => 1,

===video says publishing

thank you

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