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Hello Krunal for your message above # 1815 please see below notes:
we examine your screen shots and will be sending you more responds and results later on upon investigation results but meanwhile for some points as :

5) Hybrid System – can you please elaborate what is your understanding regarding your “script for peerless and intelligent separately” you attached a screen shot https://i.ibb.co/PYH4q7p/hybrid-system.png of the sql DB where we can see the numbers collection which is fine but how does reflect to the task adjustment points that mentioned in the message # 1138 here

a) Please advice if all the newly added vanity numbers from Peerless rapidly loaded to our local DB so our customers and site admin can be notified imidiately and initiate its ordering process on the voip both admin and client’s sides;?

b) If the life ordering numbers (that are not vanity randomly requested numbers by both site admin and voip site customers can be implemented with not tech issues?

10) Small issues surely can be discussed over the phone or at the PC but it is not being documented and unregistered for task trace ability and analyses. As far as i know We have already had life conversations at the screen and these points are not recorded anywhere which after we come back to them during the development process and have to remain about some on and on.

Here is the key point for the task documented conversation so we can refer back to it and see that we had discussed about that and whether it is video, text message has been recorded and tacked back at any time for any member investigation.(same way as we are sending you back to the message #1138 which is documented but not fully done)So if the points recorded and documented but still not done what is the use for our cost affective conversations that we many times did with you before. The labour in USA, AUS, and NZ is a way diffrent than in India. We spent so much money on this project delay and everyone are very bussy with other jobs and projects but still trying to accommodate you with our support and 100 pages forum conversations but sadly still can not be used.

Although going by your advice and meeting task documentation requirements we have attached just a one video for you here below so every one can see what we mean by saying NOT WORKING and looking forward to hear your comments regarding your “is working” statements.

Please see the documented video of Numbers Ordering (by site Admin) below:

Kindly reply back to us what you could see and comment on that.

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  • This reply was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by Andrey.