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Grant Lugniake
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I am sorry to say but most of the points that you have mentioned are working already. I am providing you the points wise updates and information below.

Issues mentioned –

1) not-working notification management-
It is working correctly in the admin side. Please check the new notifications added from (2019-12-28 & 2019-12-29). In the admin it correctly shows notifications for “New Order” and “Search Availability” numbers . The url to check is http://portal.voip.us/admin/notificationview
I have also attached a screen shot link below. please check.

2) Email notifications –
Note:- I have added my email address “developer2@webmaklay.com” to the email list for testing purposes. Please do not remove it. When i will receive mail notifications by the script, i will forward them to you to verify that the mails are also working.

3) Not able to create orders from the admin portal.
Note :- It is possible to create orders for both peerless and intelligent.
I have attached screenshot link below to prove that it is working.

a) Peerless & Intelligent Order Screen shot link –

b) Purchase Result Page (peerless and intelligent). The link to purchase results page is http://portal.voip.us/admin/dashboard2. Check screen shot link below:-

– for more numbers detail click on given arrows ‘>>>’ in screen shot.
Intelligent Orders Screen shot link:-

Peerless Orders Screen shot link:-

4) The local database doesn’t have new numbers –
Note:- The local database has the numbers from both peerless and intelligent.
Please check screen shot from db and UI both places.

UI screen shot link –
1) dashboard1 page screen shot:- https://i.ibb.co/NWHH8YL/total-numbers-dashboard1.png
2) home page screen shot:- https://i.ibb.co/bbTTNyY/total-numbers-frontside.png

DB screen shot link –

5) Hybrid system is not working at all.
Note :- It is working properly. Please check the screen shots below for the records fetched by the cron script for peerless and intelligent separately.
screen shot link –

6) There is no purchase results page –
Note :- The link to purchase results page is http://portal.voip.us/admin/dashboard2. Check screen shot link below.

7) Search from admin portal is not working properly. It is not most of available numbers. –
I have reset the cron scripts times now at the time of writing this reply. I have increased the time of intelligent script duration to 4 hours and peerless script duration to 6 hours. Because It was not able to fetch all data in 3 hours script duration.
Also there is an issue with peerless API that i have already mentioned to your earlier. First of all the issue is that Peerless provides only 200 records per request whereas we get 1000 records per request for intelligent. So we have more numbers fetched for intelligent as compared to Peerless. Also Peerless API stops sending data after certain amount of api requests which i have already mentioned to check with the Peerless Provider. So if not all data is received , i cannot do much in that.

8) Notification management doesn’t work properly. There are a lot of new numbers in the vendors’ pool that matched our “numbers choice” but we’ve never get any notice of them. –
Note :- Please check the notes of the points 1) and 7) above. I have explained everything in detail there regarding this issue.
I will send you email which i have received as notification & also you can check the screen shot of email below.

9) Notifications cannot be deleted..
Note :- I will add this feature.

10) There is a lot of small issues as well. To see them, Just try to register as a new customer and buy some numbers. You will see that this website is totally not working
Note :- I think that we should sit down again as we did with Jeff or Andre , creen Sharing together, or video of all these things so we can go trough and see that all are working properly at my side and also you can explain and show me the issues that you face.Also please confirm if the payment getaway is set so we can proceed a test purchase.This will be much easier then sending mails with lot of info that interupt me from the work. This will clear many things for both sides.

It is a request to you all that when you provide / mention the bugs, please also let me know about the browser in which you test and its version. Also it would be very helpful if you can provide a screen shot of the exact place where you encountered an issue. This will help to fix the issue quickly and have it working.