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Grant Lugniake
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for # 1785
investigated all the points below:

1.) :- For Peerless: there is one request method to search the numbers via many combination of parameters like npa,nxx,state,lata,ratecenter but can’t passed LINE(last 4 digtis of number).for more detail you can check the 3.2.1 Search Inventory request method in Peerless PDF.but while i called this request then in response i will get only array of numbers & categories value.

2.) In Real-time, you can easily get numbers based on area code(NPA), exchange(NXX), LINE(last 4 digits of a number) e.t.c.
:- i can easily pass the parameter( NPA & NXX) except LINE.but issue is that while i run following request then in response i am getting only numbers & categories while we stored the numbers in local db with state, lata & ratecenter.
There is no any other request method to serach specific numbers.so how i will find the numbers when customer pass any numbers in third textbox at front side??

This is request for this:
‘quantity’ => 200,
‘consecutive’ => 1,
‘categories’ => [
‘category’ => [2],
‘vanityDigits’ => 1,
This is response:
for more detail of request & response see the 3.2.1 Search Inventory point in peerless api PDF.

you can check in above screen shot i can’t get state, lata and ratecenter.
check this and let me know.

3.) :-its working you can check in this screen shot.it will shows all data from table & its dynamic.you can press this arrow(>>>) to show more data.

4.) … I chose 2 numbers and clicked on the “purchase” button and nothing happened. However I just got an email that peerless number was ordered. So it means that our web admin panel doesn’t show any purchase results. Inteliquent orders via admin still doesn’t work Can you check why it is not working?
:-i have checked & fixed this issue of redirect. you can check it now.

5.) Local Database doesn’t get all Peerless numbers that matched the criteria. i would like to remind you which criteria we need:
000, 999, 888, 777, 666, 555, 444, 333, 222, 111.
:- for this point check the above point no 2 request & response.
in request method i have passed ‘category = 2’ which is fetched only ‘vanity numbers’ & ‘vanityDigits = 1’ which is used to fetch only above combination numbers.there is no any other request to search specific numbers in peerless.

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