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hi Krunal we have checked all your points and here is our reply to you:

for #1769:

1.) We will find out this but meanwhile, these numbers can be shown without additional info.
2.) In Real-time, you can easily get numbers based on area code(NPA), exchange(NXX), LINE(last 4 digits of a number) e.t.c.
3.) We are still checking this page.
4.) We checked if we can place an order from the admin side and found that we could not. I chose 2 numbers and clicked on the “purchase” button and nothing happened. However I just got an email that peerless number was ordered. So it means that our web admin panel doesn’t show any purchase results. Inteliquent orders via admin still doesn’t work Can you check why it is not working?
5.) Local Database doesn’t get all Peerless numbers that matched the criteria. i would like to remind you which criteria we need:
000, 999, 888, 777, 666, 555, 444, 333, 222, 111.
You can see some examples below:

Peerless pool got new numbers about 4-5 days ago, and i can see them over there but our database doesn’t have them.

949-755-0999, 949-755-0888 etc
747-287-0666, 747-287-0777
763-888-3555 etc
So that means that our local database doesn’t update the numbers. Please check and let me know.

Also, Notifications don’t work properly. Here is an example. In number’s choice, I set to get notifications ending in 888, 777. As I mentioned before, Peerless got new numbers that have desired digits but we didn’t get any notice of those.

for #1781
you are not allowed to put your personal email addresses this is the breach to our privacy so you account can be disconnected at any time. use authorized webmaklay emails only or voip domain emails. By putting your personal email in the system youput all the project under risk of suspension