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Grant Lugniake
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#Update Of Laravel Voip

1) i tried many ways or request method but I got difficulties in send request in realtime for Peerless API because there is no any request method which returns the numbers with details like (ratecenter, lata, state, number and categories) as response.
there is one request method of search number which i used is only return numbers & categories as response.
let me know what i need to do ?

2) in update or insert cron scripts of fetching data from peerless api is based on the state,lata and rate-center wise loop so i can easily manage and stored it to local db. but this scenario is not possible in searching number of peerless at real time api.

3) right now dashboard2 page is also shown data from table which i placed orders during testing & shown there.

4) order from admin side and front side is working now so you can check it.

5) you can check other points regarding this phase.