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Hi Grant we have checked the user and tried to add some more numbers but when we open the user site numbers we found the following issues:

1) all the numbers from 205 region only no any other numbers displaid it does not work.
2) we wanted to open second page on the numbers page but there is no second page found it does not work.
3) We know that there are some numbers released on Peerless but the numbers not being found on the numbers client search so we missed some of the numbers that were new.
4) We tried to check same peerless new numbers it is not searching there too so the data base not being updated properly
5) we tried to log of from the site and navigate to logout page but we were unable to logout. This task was from functionality transfer but it still does not work
6) Bunch of new numbers had been released on Peerless and we tried to find them on our admin site we could not find any of them as there is no new updates on our local DB,
7) we tried to find some numbers using API and fetch them trough life (which is not stored on our local DB) and API requests not working as well.

It has been a long time you working on this and still can not use the site, can you please reply back to us what’s the problem and when all above issues are going to be resolved. We can not work on the site and we can not spend our time and money on this. It is time when we have to make a decision whether you finish it all or we will have to stop with this development for further arrangements.

If these above not functioning then why you report that all the points have been done and in working condition please reply.

Thank you

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