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Mark Hanson
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hi for your #1644

surprised you asking this again we have discussed that back from the message #1138

please read that again it takes long time as we wait when you finish this job but your question sends us back from where we have started please reply if it is clear for you. Mark has even updated the job conditions for you so there are plenty information about this job what we have discussed.

Let us know if you still can not understand.
The vanity numbers and easy to remember (dashboard1) are the ones that have to be updated by chron time set by site admin.

your clause 3) is incorrect as client can search any number there is no first or second stage…
for examople:

a) client search for a number 73824031 which is not easy to remember and not stored in our DB then this search goes directrly via API to both our providers Inteligent or Peerless alive

b) if customer search for any of xxx easy to remember number then the sistem address tis request to our local DB which is being updated every X time.

c) customer may search both and then a) searches alive in real time and b) from our regularly updated DB and this is what we call Hybrid System

So any other numbers that are not stored in our DB must be requested in a real time via API and serviced on this site

we already remember this job by memory but you have so many information and asking it again Let us know if you still can not understand the task