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#Error regarding new number order request in Inteliquent API.

I am using api request “Order New Telephone Number POST /tnOrder”.see page number 17 in pdf.

I was working on purchase number in Inteliquent API.after select number from dashboard1 page from admin and then when i tried to create a new number order in Inteliquent API then i need ‘customer name and number’ as parameter.

if customer name should long in character (about more then 9 character) then i will get following error;
[status] => Character limit is exceeded for:cnamCallingName:[2029290777]
[statusCode] => 418
if customer name should small then it will create account successfully.

so can you ask the Inteliquent API provider what should be the character limit of customer name ??
please check this and let me know.


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