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i would like to inform you that he has already completed 90% of the tasks.I just needs to make the remaining changes in order to have the whole functionality working together.
I will be able to complete all the tasks by the end of this week that are provided under the “Products API – Global Data D”.

I have had 1-2 queries that i was stuck , im hoping to resolve them tomorrow itself and complete the tasks by this weekend.

Please check below the detailed update of the tasks and functionality i’ve been working on so far.

The points that are already completed are as follows –

1. The fetching of vanity numbers and special numbers from both the APIs is already completed and is getting stored in table.

2. The settings to reset the duration and updating the data every X hours is also done.

3. The Numbers management / notifications page (forms) is also done where the admin can add different choices of numbers for which he wants to be notified.

4. The notification emails to be send and to be shown in the admin page are almost done.

5. When adding numbers to cart and purchasing them , he is able to create account for the number purchased in the Tellinta API

Just having some issues regarding the below points –

1. The purchase number API for peerless is not working as it is not giving response ?? need to clear this point.

2. Currently on the dashboard page the numbers are being searched from the one time complete database of numbers instead i need to switch it to the other table having only vanity and special numbers which be updated after every X hours.

3. Im getting some errors in sending of notification emails, which i will fix.

So mostly everything is done and i would like to request you to check for the work progress by the end of this week.
As i am pretty sure everything should be working fine.

I would like to mention that im aware of the working of all the APIs and other processes so this should result in getting works faster than before.
Earlier i was needed time to understand the the APIs and its working but now now im getting used to it and also aware of these API processes.