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Hi Jeff no luck for your question 🙂

Hi Krunal we have been studying your reply #1373 and just wanna make sure that you understand all what you do:

We don’t need the “one-time database of all provider’s numbers” (as you mentioned in your #1373 message)

since you found that there is no way to update it due to millions of numbers and peerless restrictions. So we should have only 1 local database that should be updating each X(4,6,10… etc) hours. This database will only search for vanity numbers we mentioned before, plus we’ll add some more API requests (Which ever page you set that ability for us) .

It should be UPDATE, not just add newly available vanity numbers. So when we say “update” it means after let’s say 4 hours it deletes all numbers which are no longer available. Basically it is probably replacing with new results / overwrite with fresh data.

In this case scenario, when customer will be searching a number, one won’t see any old results. Also, don’t forget that we should have a hybrid system where non-vanity numbers will be searching LIVE-Time via API from Vendors.

I hope this helps