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Grant Lugniake
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1. The way it is, is good

Answer – OK

2. Regarding the search which is on Dashboard1, It is now taking a lot of time to search for anything. Also, it still shows the old data. Example: a phone number – 440-613-6000 – is no longer available in the Peerless pool however it is showing in our search which is not correct. I mentioned this issue before and this hasn’t been fixed yet.

Answer –

We currently fetch the search results from our local database. And because of it, may be that the number searched would not be available on the LIVE API but available on the local database.

Please clear the logical flow for the below

We currently have almost all the numbers from Intelligent and Peerless in our local database collected for one time only. Now we have created the Pool database script running at default 6 hours and fetching only the VANITY numbers from both the peerless and intelligent. This will only update the vanity numbers or special numbers as defined in the task.

if we find any new numbers then we store them in our local DB and if we receive the same number we update the number record. But how to find the numbers deleted or removed from both the APIs ????

Also when we search on the dashboard page or in the front, should we query only the numbers from the vanity list or from all the numbers in our local database (other than vanity) ????

How do we find the numbers that have been ordered or removed etc from both the APIs ???

3. reply of #1372

Answer – Almost all the functionalities are completed from all the 3 points. I need to fix some issues and correct the flow of notifications etc,..it takes a lot of time. All the tasks should be completed next week most likely.