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Grant Lugniake
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according to the all mentioned points of phase “Products API – Global Data D”, i have finished many points but i am getting difficulties in some points in that points i need help from your side like;

-> For PoolDatabase, cron scripts for collecting data (insert & update both scripts) from API to local db of intelligent and peerless API are working fine & it collected many records & still counting in background ,you can check in this table ‘new_pool_numbers’.
-> Now i have list the all the numbers from db and before customer add number into cart & before him/his purchase number i need to check the status of number on inventory of related api and then after i can fire the query of purchase but i got following difficulties;

1) I tried to check the status of number using this request url “https://services.inteliquent.com/Services/1.0.0/tnDetail” for inteliquent but when i fire this request in response i got this blank array;
[statusCode] => 200
[status] => Success
[tnList] => Array
[tnItem] => Array


[page] => 1
[totalPages] => 0
[totalItems] => 0

2) When i tried to order new number in intelliquent api using this request url “https://services.inteliquent.com/Services/1.0.0/tnOrder” but in response
i got following array;
[status] => {2=[2055390498 TN is marked Not Available in our inventory]}
[statusCode] => 200
[orderId] => null

3) Same process apply in peerless API but it’s not working , it shows ‘method not available & number not belong to entity error’.

-> can you check this why it’s not working. i don’t know what to do in above cases so i need help.if i wrong in above request then suggest me.

Points related to “Numbers Management” & “Notifications Management” is almost finish once i got solution of above case then i am able to finish this phase soon.