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Mark Hanson
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Hi Krunal for first part of your message #1292:

it is now working but with a delay. let’s say I’m searching “7888” in the line box and once results are shown, I’m testing to search for new criteria. but once new parameter is entered you can see the antenna showing that the content is loading after that you still see the previous results then 20 sec later it is changing to the new one. please fix this.

for the second part of your message “questions” please read our comments:
=> when i tried to check the status ….
– please advice how many times we send you these credentials to use?

=> when i used above code then i got…
– if you remember we emailed to you same question that we experience same issue when logging in to the Lavaral Voip site and we asked you many times about that so you said that you fixed that and we no longer see it again, but now you asking it again. Why it is been happening?

P.S please see entire forum for this particular job how many times Jeff asks you same question and you not reply on this.

We loosing time on it and ppl working here to help you out with all your queries but if you not communicating properly how we can work?