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Hello all, thanks for your partisication on this after going all this frustration and time loss we will have to reduce a volume of the data stored in our Voip local DB and only safe specific numbers being fetched from both of our providers.

Building complec DB archeticture is very costly and not effective way to do at this stage so please have a read an updated job conditions for this particular task (Pool Data Base) below:
Since we mostly interested in vanity and easy-to-remember numbers, you can create a script that will call via API the following categories of numbers and store them in our database:

1.) xxx-x000
2.) xxx-x111
3.) xxx-x222
4.) XXX-X333
5.) xxx-x444
6.) xxx-x555
7.) xxx-x666
8.) xxx-x777
9.) xxx-x888
10.) xxx-x999

If Peerless has around 7 million numbers in total, there are only 50k-60k of vanity and easy to remember ones. So it means you can easily download and store them in our local database. (Inteliquent has even less).
So we should have a hybrid system that will be downloading and storing all vanity and easy-to-remember numbers and if a customer is searching something different, it should sends an API request in real-time.

Please note that there will be more categories of vanity and easy-to-remember numbers.
the job update and budget will be amended on the project page soon.

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