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Hi Krunal as per your messages #1111, #1112 above please read my comments below:

1. as we have already stated that we pay for the result and not paying for time.
2. however all the tasks carefully time frame budgeted. That means that there are specialists like senior developers sales system, tech staff are involved in each jobs order before it comes to the jobs pool.
3. For example last phase budgeted NZD$720 which is a lot of money but the time frame for that phase was 14 days. Now you may ask where did we get this time frame and answer is that we have got a high qualified developers who done all the job you were struggling for almost 2-3 months there is a developers who can do that job for just 2 weeks!!! excluding weekends.

Although some developers who wish to earn more and if they running late they do not mind to come and do some work on Sundays and public holidays in order to report completion. Here is why they got paid NZD 700 fortnightly plus do some other jobs plus we do pay bonus for the quick job delivery as we can do that if the project jobs completed before the time scheduled.
4. We know that every time we publish the job and developers ask us once or twice and then we got the report completion message. In your case it is a looooooong time story and even though you go behind the schedule so we have to shut down development you still can not do the job and still struggling with almost each task.We ask your single question and 254 hours gone! We do not blame you BUT we think your qualification and experience is not enough for the actual project.
5. Now we know that developer from numberburn has done this job for a couple of weeks and now this guys got the operational website.
6. Numberbarn somehow getting all Inteliquent and Peerless number’s database and manage locally using their own database. When let’s say Peerless releases a new number let’s say 715-800-6000, You can see it within 1 hour on the Numberbarn website. if I buy this number directly from peerless, Numberbarn’s search is still showing this number as available however when I click “buy” on their web, It is saying that it is no longer available. It means they get all data and managing it locally in their database. But when you click “buy” API call is going to Peerless Realtime.
They are our resellers as well and are using our API to get numbers from one of our client website: ExcellentNumbers.com Maybe the best way is to check how they get numbers from us via API? it could help to understand how their API system works.
7. the number barn developer done that but unfortunately it seems that you can not do:(
8. Now you are trying to negotiate with us about the pay for the work that has not been done. So the answer is – your income is in your hands as we have already announced for many times.

Do the work and we are happy to increase the pay. Currently you can not do anything with that and what we should pay you for? What is increase for?
9. As a tip never discus the time you spent for this or that job just remember what you have spent for each particular job the other developer is a peace of cake. If you spent 10 hours on somthing just remember there is a developer who can do the same job for half an hour. We work with various developers and hearing this we more and more realize that this probably very hard job for you to do.

So from above conversation please kindly discuss again with who ever your head person if you guys are able to handle this project. If you’ll be spending ages on each phase plus keeping all your holidays and days off you will never be an expert and getting good pay.

There are “lions” in developers market and can do your work in a moment of blink. Please let us know if you able to do this. If so please demonstrate us your ability by reporting completion and then we can talk about the money as it is not going to be a problem.

Now if you see Jeff adviced you to try some technics but you spend an other day for a negotiation and trade so we lost an other day:( and there is nothing has been achieved.