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Changing the process again now for collecting all the data with the new approach in order to reduce the server load time and fetching all the data from both the API, which will again require change in the logic and more efforts.
There are two sections in this pool(Database) functionalities as below;

–> Collecting Data:

Previous Logic:
=> I had set two tables namely pool_numbers(stored details of numbers) and pool_status(stored completion time of one request and status).
=> stored records state wise (5000 records per page) for intliquent and (200 records at single attempt) for peerless.

New Logic :
=> i will create new tables it will store the counts of state and keep the records count which will indicate the how many stored for single state and how many remain to store.
=> cron will run every 15 minutes to fetch data.
=> need to maintain timing gap between for both cron script of inteliquent and peerless api to reduce the server load time.
=> to implement above scenario for both api i need many efforts and time.
=> i can’t give guarantees to that all the datas will collect by this scenario because meanwhile script dosen’t response anything.

–> Updating Data:
Right now i don’t know how to get only updated data from api and then match with millions of records in local db.
i need to think login about it and help from it.

Numbers Management & Notifications Management:-
Right now I haven’t start this task. when above task is completed then i will start it soon.
If i get any issues regrading this tasks and if it will require much more efforts with respect to the budget defined, then i will let you know.