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Given budget for the phase “Products API – Global Data D” is very low compared to the time and efforts required to complete the tasks.
As the task is complex in nature and has several issues to be taken care of which appear from the api provider side, which we already have discussed in mails.

So we request you to check the efforts and update the budget of the tasks as the budget for the first task is very low compared to the time and efforts needed.

Task – Pool (Database):-

Original Scenario

Initially it was assumed that this task will require less efforts and time.
The process would be to simply make cron script to fetch the data from the ‘Intelligent’ and ‘Peerless’ API.
It was assumed that the data will be received continuously and store all the data to the local db and will not have any major efforts needed.

Current Scenario

I have sent you already mails regarding below mentioned detail about tasks, issue and bugs related tasks.
When i started the task to fetch the numbers from both inteliquent and peerless api, then i faced many issues.

Already additional efforts invested in the current task are as below.

Task Spend Time
A) Fetch, analyse & debug time for api datas for both api. 06 hours.
B) for inteliquent api started with state plus paging wise loop but it stored only 20 to 25 thousands records stored and tested. 10 hours.
C) for peerless api started with state wise records and tried to get more records but it gave only 200 records per attempts & tested. 10 Hours.
D) Initially the scripts execution put a lot of load on server, changed approach to reduced server load time. 08 Hours.
E) conversation time regarding issues and bugs of api related and mailing of it. 02 Hours.