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1.) I sent these notes to Peerless and Inteliquent. They should reply shortly.

2.) Numberbarn somehow getting all Inteliquent and Peerless number’s database and manage locally using their own database. When let’s say Peerless releases a new number let’s say 715-800-6000, You can see it within 1 hour on the Numberbarn website. if I buy this number directly from peerless, Numberbarn’s search is still showing this number as available however when I click “buy” on their web, It is saying that it is no longer available. It means they get all data and managing it locally in their database. But when you click “buy” API call is going to Peerless realtime.
They are our resellers as well and are using our API to get numbers from our website: ExcellentNumbers.com Maybe the best way is to check how they get numbers from us via API? it could help to understand how their API system works.