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Jeff Simpson
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It looks that both providers limit their API sessions for security reasons. Most likely that we’ll end up gathering all data by multiple request calls and store all variances in the local DB. Here are some solutions we may need to implement.


1. If your guys able to negotiate with the provider if they allow data collection sessions per IP, Domain or any other ID means to remove API calls restrictions.
2. We develop a multiple API calls scenario which accumulate all the data from a Provider to the Project Pool there may be some time gaps will require between each API calls especially same area code. Please consider setting a sequence for each call and directory. (in this case please ensure that 100% data transferred not repeated and with availability check mechanism)
Sequence Sample
*Area code A – ( if 1000 record) request 200 per session then next area code
*Area code B – (If 200 records) 200 request per session then next area code , C, D and so on till last Z are code
*Back to Area Code A ( if 1000 record) where 200 variances have been already stored and request 200 per session again then next area code
*Area code B (If 200 records) – where all 200 variances have been already stored then condition – { run availability check then next area codes, C, D and so on till Z until we collect all the data session ends.

So avoid single attempts for large data.

Arrange the same sequence with no more than 200 requests for each state all stored in the Voip DB. Run API calls from state A to Z session ends. Time frame (6 hours) run availability check. { if new data found update the Local DB {if number unavailable – then remove from Local DB.

Most likely these guys do same thing unless clause 1) mentioned above is in place. Otherwise all data being collected by same multiple API calls and all stored locally. As we have checked earlier some numbers are not available during custom numbers ordering. Run availability check script failure.