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1) Inteliquent API:- I tried area code to store data in database.

=> Initially tested fetching the data for state having data about 10,000 records, then there was no issue.
=> Then i tested fetching the data for a state having large data with 1,00,000 records,
then it stored only 20,000 to 25,000 records in single attempt having multiple api calls, after this suddenly api stops proving any data.
Then in second script execution attempt, the api provides 5000 to 10,000 records and stop again.
Again, i need to make several attempts to get the data and further sometime we receive some data and sometime nothing for a particular state.

So the issue here is that we are not able to get complete data for a state in a single attempt with multiple API calls.
Can you please have this checked on your side of why such API behavior happens.

=> Even if i store records via State Wise or Area Wise from inteliquent api, when there is large number of records for a State/Area then the API only provides 20,000 to 25,000 records in a single attempt.
This way it is not so useful to collect all the data from intelligent in any efficient way.

2) Peerless API:-

First i tried fetching the data with less number of records of “DC” state which has 572 records.
it worked like below;

=> Here i was able to get all the data for the state “DC”. First i tested to see if we can fetch all the data for the state “DC” without storing it in the database table. In the single attempt with multiple API calls ( 3 API calls with 200 records per API call) all the data was received.

But now if i again want to fetch the data for the same state “DC” for storing it in database now the API does not provide any data. ???

This can be a big problem because while testing if we fetch some data but do not store it,
we are not able to get the same data back again.

=> Is there any facility in Peerless API to get data page wise and with sorting like the way we have in Intelligent API.

3) numberbarn:-
i checked this site and read through content that is given on site but no document found that can show how its work, i think the process of collecting data is internal process or run in background.so we can’t see what is going inside it.